Urological massage in Moscow: a secret point of pleasure

2020.09.18 в 16:50
Картинка Urological massage in Moscow: a secret point of pleasure

To prevent prostatitis and improve the reproductive system, it is necessary to regularly attend prostate massage sessions. Trusting such an anal procedure is important to professionals who know how not only to positively influence health, but also to please. Urological massage in Moscow can be obtained in the Etalon salon, it is here that you will understand that you can combine the useful with a pleasant pastime in the company of dazzling beauties.

What awaits you in Etalon salon

Thanks to urological massage in Moscow in the Etalon salon, you will improve your mood and raise your potency if you have problems with it. Moreover, you will really like the order of the procedure:

  • A beautiful and sexy girl will put you on a spacious bed;
  • The procedure begins with a light massage of the back and buttocks. The gentle hands of the masseuse will smoothly move to the inner thighs, stimulating the scrotum and testicles;
  • Apply a generous amount of lubricant to eliminate the slightest pain;
  • The main actions begin only when the craftswoman feels that the man is as ready as possible;
  • After penetrating a man, the girl gropes for the prostate gland and begins to gently stimulate it;
  • As a rule, the guest gets an erection, and the masseuse simultaneously starts fondling the penis;
  • Combining lingam massage with prostate massage at the end of the session, the man is shaken by a powerful orgasm.

Regular sessions of urological massage in Moscow in the Etalon salon improve the quality of the sexual life of every man, making it richer and more vibrant.

Come to Etalon salon

At the Etalon salon, you will enjoy the intimate atmosphere and design of the massage rooms. Scented candles, quiet music and comfortable beds create a good mood for the guest from the first minute. Each room has a separate shower cabin, in which, before the procedure, you can finally “wash away” the stress of the day and prepare yourself for the upcoming pleasure.
With us, you do not have to worry about someone finding out about your visit. All of our staff do not share information about guests, so you can relax as you wish with complete sense of anonymity. Do you want bright and unforgettable emotions? Sign up for a urological massage session in Moscow at the Etalon salon, here the most sensitive masseuses will give you pleasure that you never knew existed. Come, we are waiting for you!