Erotic prostate massage – the most daring program

2022.03.01 в 18:19
Картинка Erotic prostate massage – the most daring program

Are you ready to explore your body and learn a little more about pleasure? Then the program of erotic prostate massage is exactly for you! Even if you have never thought about this kind of rest, it will allow you to learn much more about the capabilities of your body, as well as its erogenous zones. And in order for the session to be 100% perfect, choose the Etalon salon!

We have girls for every taste

And in order to relax as much as possible before such an intimate program, you need to choose a master who will allow you to get aesthetic pleasure. We all have an ideal of beauty, and in our institution we tried to collect all the types of girls: from pretty blondes to burning redheads, from submissive and inexperienced girls to strong and powerful ladies. And which one will you like?

You can set the tone for the program yourself

Since erotic prostate massage is full of emotions in itself, many guests do not add anything extra to the program. But some of our clients still experiment and provide themselves with extremely interesting sessions. Here are some stories for you:

  • for those who want to be a submissive toy in the hands of an overbearing mistress, we will prepare the appropriate atmosphere. She can chain you to the bed, whip you with a whip and make you take a position that is comfortable for her, after which, with gentle but confident movements, she will introduce the strap-on straight to your G-spot;
  • for those who are accustomed to command themselves, there is another option. You yourself will dictate at what pace the master moves, at what angle to do it and how to behave. She is completely in your power…

Erotic prostate massage is not only pleasant, but also useful

Not every man can boast of good health by the age of 40. The body begins to lose ground, and problems appear in bed. Urological manipulations will allow you to improve your health and please your companion with your skills for many years to come. Well, the company of beautiful girls of the salon will be able to raise your self-esteem and give you self-confidence. Make up your mind!