Quality erotic urological massage

2022.03.03 в 17:51
Картинка Quality erotic urological massage

Someone loves a relaxing holiday, and the soul of some requires experimentation. If you belong to the category of the latter, we have developed a program of erotic urological massage especially for you. Open all the erogenous points in your body and experience the most powerful release with us!

With us you can fulfill all your fantasies

Although many representatives of the stronger sex hide their interest in this kind of techniques, many secretly dream of experiencing their effect on themselves. In the Etalon salon you can forget about embarrassment: all our masters are extremely tactful and certainly will not judge you for wanting to try something new. Moreover, they will conduct a program for you at the highest level!

How will the session go?

In the service of erotic urological massage, many are afraid of the unknown. Therefore, we will describe in detail the entire process of relaxation:

  • all our programs start with classical techniques. The master will warm up your body and warm up your muscles so that you can relax as much as possible;
  • before proceeding to massage the prostate, the girl will generously lubricate your anus and toy with a special agent. Do not worry, all our products are certified and do not cause allergies;
  • after preparations, she will begin to gently insert the toy. You can take the most comfortable position, and if you wish, change it to another. You can also control the whole process by stopping the girl or asking her to move on to more intense activities.

Remember: erotic urological massage is completely under your control

The main secret of success is complete relaxation, but some fail to achieve it the first time. If you feel discomfort, immediately inform the master. She can change the toy or technique, add lubricant, or stop all urological manipulation altogether, moving on to more classic techniques.

Well, the main rule of our salon is anonymity, so you can not hide your fantasies from the administrator and masseuse. The details of your session will forever remain within the walls of Etalon.