Erotic massage sakura for men: reveal your desires

2020.10.14 в 12:04
Картинка Erotic massage sakura for men: reveal your desires

Erotic massage sakura or sakura branch is a unique oriental technique for awakening male sensuality and passion through professional touching. Of particular importance is the level of training and knowledge of the masseuse who will conduct the event, so we advise you to choose a specialized salon Etalon, which employs exclusively professional masseuses. Moreover, the girls are not only fluent in the necessary skills, but also incredibly beautiful, which will allow you to get aesthetic pleasure during the session.

What does erotic sakura massage include?

If you pay attention to a sakura twig, then the first thing that will attract your attention will be delicate flower petals. The same applies to our girls – gentle, beautiful and sophisticated. In the technique of erotic massage of sakura, tongues, lips, hands, and in some cases – an ice cube are involved. Moreover, even the hot breath of a girl is a tool. Let’s list the key features of this program:

  • Caress all erogenous zones;
  • The main tool is the body of the masseuse;
  • All movements are subject to one rhythm;
  • Touches are subtle and weightless;
  • The most important factor is the continuity of caresses;
  • Men’s reactions are closely monitored.

If you order an erotic sakura massage, get ready for the contrast of temperatures to be involved. The cold is provided by an ice cube or a light breath from a girl. Contrast – excites and makes you feel pleasure on several levels at the same time.

How is erotic sakura massage done in Etalon salon?

Do you want the cherry blossom program to be the most memorable event in your life? Then order an erotic sakura massage from us and you will find out the depth of complete relaxation. The service in our salon can be carried out according to the following scenario:

  • Guest lie on his stomach;
  • Massage caresses his body with her lips using her tongue;
  • The man turns over and takes caresses already on the torso;
  • Complete relaxation is achieved.

Now you know why this service is so popular among the stronger sex. To know all the facets of pleasure in practice, sign up to us today and enjoy the most erotic sakura massage in Moscow. Waiting for you!