Erotic massage at the “Beijing” hotel – enjoy the touch

2020.09.11 в 16:21
Картинка Erotic massage at the “Beijing” hotel – enjoy the touch

To enjoy the company of seductive girls, diversify your sex life and just get a sea of ​​pleasant emotions, come to an erotic massage at the Beijing Hotel in the Etalon salon. It offers unique events from 3,500 rubles, among which you can order procedures for yourself or come with your soul mate.
In the “Etalon” salon, basic programs and a number of additional services are available, so you can easily choose a program to your liking, which will answer all your wishes.

Main salon programs

You can get acquainted with the unique massage techniques of the East and West. To your several popular programs of the Etalon salon:

  • Passionate body massage. Performed in the best traditions of Thailand;
  • Kamasutra. 30 minutes of classics and hot additions await you;
  • Girlfriends. Sexual show with two girls and 4 hands massage;
  • Domination. Hot program with BDSM elements.

All directions in erotic massage at the Peking Hotel in the Etalon salon are based on stimulating actions and the study of erogenous zones. Therefore, our masseuses are completely naked and caress the client in all available ways.

Try sessions for two

Our guests can invite their wives for a pair of erotic massage at the Beijing Hotel. The Etalon salon offers the “Temptation” service for 8500 rubles (2 hours). A joint visit to us will only strengthen your relationship and bring you closer to each other.
Our beauties are fluent in all relaxation and arousal techniques that you can learn to practice in your sex life.

Men’s caresses in the Etalon salon

Why look for dubious pleasures when you can safely and openly come to the Etalon salon for an erotic massage at the Peking Hotel. It is located in the very center of the capital and you can look into our delightful beauties at any time of the day or night, as well as on weekends and holidays. You can start your acquaintance with massage techniques in the “Touch to Beauty” or “Thai Body” programs. We can say that these two programs will become the starting points into the incredible and sensual world of eroticism. Come, we are waiting for you!