Erotic penis massage – maximum pleasure

2020.09.01 в 11:06
Картинка Erotic penis massage – maximum pleasure

Erotic penis massage is recommended to everyone who is looking for such a spicy way of relaxation for the first time. Believe me, you will not be able to forget about the feelings that you will experience during the session. The professional masters of the Etalon salon are charming girls who know exactly how to effectively perform this service so that you get incredible pleasure from the procedure.

Features of technology

Erotic penis massage is a type of massage that has arisen to completely relax and help a man discover and reveal his sexual potential. At Etalon, experienced masseuses will help you relieve stress and restore your inner strength.

The ambience of the salon should correspond to the session: dim lights, quiet, relaxing music, incense from candles and aromatic oils. All this is provided in the Etalon salon in order for the guest to relax as much as possible and completely detach from reality.

Step by step enjoyment

  • The first stage consists of water procedures – a relaxing shower with a girl;
  • At the second stage, you will be shown and offered to sit on a spacious bed;
  • The legs should be slightly bent, the knees should be spread apart in order for the masseuse to open access to the penis;
  • Erotic massage of the penis has an exceptional feature – the masseuse’s hands should be abundantly oiled;
  • The technique begins with light, weightless strokes of the groin area. The girl gently massages the pubis, scrotum, testicles, rubbing oil into the perineum with sliding movements;
  • The guest completely relaxes, and the skillful hands of the masseuse change the rhythm, intensity, forcing the man to experience all facets of pleasure.

End of session

The fundamental part of the erotic massage of the penis is the activation of all erogenous points on the body of the guest. This method has an exciting effect on all representatives of the stronger sex:

  • The masseuse begins to lightly outside in a circular motion, and then caress the penis with low intensity;
  • An enchanting orgasm after such a session is a natural reaction of a healthy man. The purpose of the session itself is to delay sexual release as long as possible, which will allow the man to reach the very peak of bliss;
  • At the end of the procedure, the guest will be gently stroking the buttocks, back, abdomen and shoulders.

If you were looking for a way to maximize relaxation, then erotic penis massage is the right choice. Come to Etalon salon today today and we promise to surprise you!