Erotic massage in the shower – a pleasure for the elite

2021.08.30 в 15:36
Картинка Erotic massage in the shower – a pleasure for the elite

Every man has a secret fantasy. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to implement it with a partner … And then the craftswomen of the Vanilia salon come to the rescue, who will fulfill any of your dreams and give you an unforgettable experience from the program. Want to experiment? Try an erotic massage in the shower!

This is a component of many programs in our salon

And it is a great addition to the main content. Rest begins with this service for our guests! Before any program, you need to take a shower in order to prepare your body for the procedures. And it is at this moment that a charming craftswoman will be able to keep you company. At first glance, it will conquer you with its forms and help you to relax faster before the main program.

Etalon has a variety of programs for every taste

Our guest is not limited to erotic massage in the shower, you can choose any program that you like:

  • body massage is a category in which all services are collected, ordering which you will expect the closest contact with the master. A naked girl will slide her perfect body over yours, paying attention to all areas, including erogenous;
  • programs with the Mistress will delight men who bear a huge responsibility on their shoulders in everyday life. Transfer power into female hands and enjoy its leadership;
  • foot fetish programs are aimed at a certain kind of hobby. Do you love female feet and would like to experiment? Then these services are what you need!

You can find out more about all programs both on our website by going to the appropriate section, or by calling us at the phone number indicated on the website.

Erotic massage in the shower will allow you to gain self-confidence

According to statistics, many of the stronger sex suffer from low self-esteem. This is primarily due to male health problems. To avoid this, regular rest is sufficient. And for quality leisure time, come to Etalon!