Erotic massage in Moscow for a small price

2021.08.23 в 18:03
Картинка Erotic massage in Moscow for a small price

Every man wants to feel the pleasure and caress of female hands, to feel wanted and the only one. For the sake of such sensations, many are ready for a lot. In Etalon salon massage is not just a pleasure, but a whole art of harmony, relaxation and incredible passion.

Impact on men’s health

Well-being is influenced by a huge number of all kinds of factors – but most of all – hormonal background. American and French scientists have proven that during tactile touch, neurotransmitters are released, the concentration of which in the blood determines the mental state and the manifestation of human behavioral reactions. Erotic massage in Moscow for a good price will definitely improve your mood and self-esteem.

The most popular relaxation techniques:

  • “Sculptor”: movements resemble rolling dough in the hands, moving in the opposite direction
    “Ring, ring, lift”: in the performance of the technique, three fingers of each hand are involved (thumb, index and middle)
  • “Falling Leaf” and “Endless Inference”: a woman performs a spiral movement with a brush along the trunk of the Lingam and to the base, and a reverse spiral – with her palm gathered into a fist from the bottom up
  • “Surf”: The masseuse alternately makes stroking movements with both hands, gently passing the inner side of her palms along the Lingam
    How is an erotic massage session carried out at the best price in Moscow?

The male genitals are a continuous erogenous zone. Usually, it is made last for a bright climax and incredible pleasure. The woman starts the massage slowly and carefully, gently fingering and stroking the fingers of the Lingam’s hands and the whole body of the stronger sex. Throughout the session, emotional contact with a partner is maintained. The masseuse uses all kinds of techniques and techniques that originated in ancient India in order for you to experience brighter and more passionate sensations for a long time. Professional masseuses, pleasant atmosphere and the best techniques in the Etalon erotic massage salon at great prices in Moscow. Make sure of this right now. For more information, call the administrator.