Erotic vip massage

2021.08.25 в 17:50
Картинка Erotic vip massage

Erotic vip massage is a way to spend your time wonderfully and recklessly. You will experience the strongest feelings that can drive any man crazy. Extraordinary pleasure awaits you. Make sure of this with the Etalon salon.

What is total relaxation?

In the modern world, we often face various problems that haunt us. Many psychologists advise to carry out emotional release and not wind yourself up over trifles. Some people think that sessions in the salons will allow you to experience only pleasure and pleasure, but this is not the case. Everything is much deeper. Each masseuse understands that a man comes not only for climax, but also to relax his physical and mental health. Many people cannot rest in another way. And girls will be able to support any conversation, comfort and caress. Erotic vip massage is a unique opportunity to experience relaxation and get aesthetic pleasure from charming beauties.

Salon promotions:

  • we will provide leisure without QR (we are for the safety of our beloved clients without restrictions)
  • 20 minutes of free vaping in the sauna or hammam (when ordering a program from 7000)
  • alcohol – as a gift (a bottle of champagne or wine when ordering a program over 18,000)
  • vip-room with a personal jacuzzi and hammam as a gift (for companies from 3 people during the whole program)

How does erotic vip massage work?

Everything will depend on the program you choose. You can familiarize yourself with the options on our website or consult with the salon administrator. There are gentle and sensual techniques aimed at relaxation and enjoyment. And there are those that will provide the maximum burst of energy, pep and an incredible climax. If you are coming for the first time, then we advise you to consult with masseuses on site and decide what suits you best. After choosing, you will go into a cozy room with pleasant aromas and a girl of extraordinary beauty, you will be able to enjoy the moment, escape from problems and take a fresh look at any things in your life. Erotic vip massage in the Etalon salon in Moscow will give you unforgettable emotions and incredible sensations. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a discount in the morning.