Erotic massage “Sakura branch”

2021.03.29 в 17:21
Картинка Erotic massage “Sakura branch”

If you are tired of the routine and decide to relax in the company of beautiful girls, come to the capital’s Etalon salon. Here are not only professional masters, but also programs that will delight even the most biased man. And if you want to get to know more about non-standard services, we suggest you pay attention to the erotic massage “Sakura Branch”.

The price of pleasure

Do not think that rest in this kind of institution is something inaccessible to you. Even those who are not used to spending money on their desires can afford such leisure time. Coming to Etalon, you will not only get the opportunity to relax physically, but also have an unforgettable experience.

How is the session going

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” includes both classic moments and exotic:

  • first you choose the girl with whom you would like to have a session and take a joint shower. Cleansing before the procedure has a beneficial effect on subsequent relaxation;
  • then you go to the apartment. The bed has already been prepared there, and the girl will proceed to the next stage – massage techniques. Starting with a classic massage, the craftswoman will slowly approach the main part – your erogenous zones;
  • during the session, you can touch the girl’s body, and she will delight you with a body massage, changing positions and, of course, with a gentle “Sakura Branch”.

In the program, designed for 90 minutes, you will find two relaxations and the opportunity to diversify the session with additional services.

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” is designed for connoisseurs

Many men note that from the very first minutes of the program they feel maximum relaxation and readiness for momentary relaxation. Combining this technique with Lingam massage and stone therapy, you will get an experience that you will want to repeat more than once. The program of erotic massage “Sakura Branch” in the Etalon salon is represented by the “Rest of the Samurai” service, and the name fully justifies the content.