Intimate cock massage – a pleasure that every man deserves

2020.07.20 в 12:06
Картинка Intimate cock massage – a pleasure that every man deserves

Intimate penis massage is a special pleasure that is devoid of modesty and prejudice, because every touch is aimed at working with the male genitals. This technique has nothing to do with pornography, because its essence is to restore natural energy. A direct impact on the male pleasure center, as well as stress relief and absolute relaxation, can not only lift your mood, but also charge you with positive for a long time.

Intimate penis massage how to do?

The male body is unique: it is capable of experiencing incredible sensations and accumulating positive and negative energy. Intimate penis massage will give you the following effects:

  • To tone the body;
  • Normalizes blood circulation;
  • Stabilizes pressure;
  • Help to solve problems with potency;
  • Improve the emotional state;
  • Relaxing stress and tension.

And this is not a complete list of how intimate massage has a beneficial effect on a man’s health. It helps some people to understand themselves and learn to feel touch in a new way, while for others it allows them to reach the highest peak of pleasure.

Preparation for intimate massage of the penis

Everything has been created in the erotic salon Etalon for maximum relaxation. For this, candles are lit in the room, stimulating aromas and relaxing music are used. To relieve tension, the girl begins with a classic massage using oils. Soft, progressive movements are incredibly pleasant and can tune a man to the mood necessary for a session. After the gentle hands of the masseuse have worked on the legs, buttocks, back and arms, you take a comfortable position, and the girl proceeds to intimate massage of the penis.
The impact on the intimate area is performed not only with the hands, but also with other parts of the body. It should be noted that the erogenous zones that are involved during the session are designed to tone the muscles for subsequent discharge.

The technique of intimate massage of the penis originated a century ago. This procedure is aimed at releasing a powerful flow of sexual energy, bringing the soul and body to a state of harmony. Moreover, the event provides powerful prevention of many diseases and develops sexual potential.
Come to the Etalon erotic salon for incredible emotions that an intimate penis massage will give you. Here the best girls are already waiting for you, who with their tender hands will bring you to the most powerful discharge in your life!