Sakura massage – awaken your passion

2020.07.24 в 11:37
Картинка Sakura massage – awaken your passion

Sakura massage captivates with its sensuality and can become an unforgettable part of any erotic program. He is able to bring a man to the very peak of arousal, from which you can jump into the boundless sea of ​​orgasm.

Massage technique

The main rule that all the masseuses of the Etalon salon adhere to is to create an appropriate atmosphere. Subdued lighting, relaxing music and stimulating aromatic oils are used – everything that can maximally relax a man before a session.
The initial impact is on the back. The man lies on his stomach and cannot see the masseuse. At this time, she slowly touches his back with a piece of ice, and then gently runs her hot tongue over this place, such a sexy temperature drop causes indescribable sensations.
Further, light nibbling of the earlobes and kisses of the neck are used. The girl will go down lower and lower, teasing and promising that she will lead the man to complete arousal.

Features of sakura massage

Japan is historically considered the birthplace of cherry blossom massage. Even in ancient times, the emperor’s concubines studied the art of giving pleasure to their master all their lives, why is this massage technique so special? There are several reasons:

  • All touches during the session are light, weightless and make you want them again and again;
  • Temperature contrast plays an important role. Hot breath and a cooling ice cube give a truly heavenly pleasure;
  • Fragrances are selected with special care. Incense is soft and at the same time enhances sexual desire;
  • The masseuse’s skin is soft, velvety and smells of flower petals, while the girl is completely naked.

Sakura massage is not just one of the erotic techniques. This is real art and thousands of years of practice. Complete relaxation of muscles, immersion in weightlessness and a real explosion of emotions – you will feel all this in an ardent, gentle and frank session, getting maximum pleasure from what is happening.

All men who dream of plunging into the sea of ​​heavenly pleasures and experiencing incredible sensations are recommended to visit the Etalon erotic salon and appreciate the sakura massage. This sophisticated erotic procedure will awaken the strongest wave of passion and you will want to remember every touch of a charming masseuse forever.