How is the Thai spa massage session going?

2023.11.03 в 12:27
Картинка How is the Thai spa massage session going?

Thai spa massage provides a unique opportunity to relax and restore your strength. This type of relaxation combines the ancient methods of Thai massage with the use of aromatic oils and skin treatments. Well, in the Etalon salon, the session will be not only productive, but also hot!

The first stage is preparation for the session

Before any procedures, our guests take a shower. They do it in a comfortable apartment. If you want to have advanced features (for example, a Jacuzzi in the room), choose VIP class rooms. If basic comfort is enough for you, we offer you standard rooms.

The second stage is a meeting with the master

All our masters are not only proficient in Thai spa massage techniques, they are also very good-looking. Etalon employs more than a hundred girls of various types, among whom you will choose a suitable master.

The third stage is massage

  • The procedure takes place on a spacious bed, so that a man can quickly relax. Our girls start the session with classic practices that allow you to liberate the guest, remove the clamps and prepare for more daring practices.
  • As soon as your body is ready, the craftswoman moves on to bolder movements. She connects her whole body to the session, massaging you with her breasts and buttocks. Of course, within the framework of the program, each guest achieves a powerful discharge, and therefore the stimulation of the Lingam will also be included in your session.

Who is suitable for Thai spa massage?

It seems that only confident men who are ready for experiments go to such practices. But in fact, erotic recreation helps to increase self-esteem, which has a positive effect on personal life. You can verify this personally! Sign up for one of the programs at the Etalon salon and spend your time productively and interestingly!