Foot fetish massage – pleasure without limits!

2021.01.25 в 18:41
Картинка Foot fetish massage – pleasure without limits!

You can admire beautiful female legs indefinitely. Smooth thighs, sharp knees, narrow ankles and incredibly graceful feet – all this together can drive a representative of the stronger sex crazy! That is why foot fetish massage at Etalon salon is so popular among connoisseurs. Believe me, we know that there is nothing shameful in this addiction, and looking at the seductive legs, it becomes clear the desire to have fun with their help.
It’s no secret that sessions in the Etalon salon always carry erotic overtones. There are a lot of techniques by which the masseuse delivers pleasure to the guest with her legs. It is also worth noting that some admirers may be aroused by the appearance, smell and the ability to touch the legs with their lips, so within the walls of our institution, do not dare to limit yourself in something!

Features of foot fetish massage

An exciting foot fetish session has existed in our salon for a long time. It is carefully performed by girls with well-groomed and very beautiful legs. You can choose the craftswoman whose feet attracted you the most, and then go with her to a separate apartment to fulfill all your desires.
Our regular guests know that female legs can bring a lot of pleasure. Some are aroused by one species, others must be touched, and still others want gentle fingers to caress their intimate places.

Erotic massage with foot fetish elements

For a more accurate understanding of the technique, we want to inform you that during a massage session, the following may be turned on:

  • Trampling. The girl will walk over you with her feet;
  • Licking. You can touch the legs of the masseuse with your tongue;
  • Foot massage. You can massage the legs of the beauty;
  • Footjob. She is erotic in nature, the girl delivers relaxation to the guest with her feet.

It should be noted that all foot fetish massage programs are extremely diverse. It can be both a pleasant addition and a final stage. Or it may turn out to be the main dish that you will savor for a long time. But with all this, we guarantee you a lot of pleasure – both physical and mental, because from such a session your idea of ​​pleasure will change forever. Come and discover new facets of pleasure in yourself. Waiting for you!