Sakura Branch massage – reveal your sexuality

2020.09.28 в 11:29
Картинка Sakura Branch massage – reveal your sexuality

The Sakura Branch massage is a bright, exciting technique filled with seduction and sensuality. The procedure relieves stress, gives maximum relaxation and new sensations that you never knew existed.
This event is extremely popular in the Etalon salon among lovers of erotic pleasures, but the man who came for the first time will be able to realize all the delights of the procedure.

What is the cherry blossom technique?

The massage itself originated in the land of the rising sun several hundred years ago. The sensory technique, as then, includes:

  • Delicate study of erogenous zones;
  • Gentle kisses and nibbles;
  • Warming up and then cooling of body parts;
  • Easy breath filled with passion and affection;
  • Exciting touches with a tongue.

The erotic massage “Sakura Branch” is the most sensual technique that will not leave anyone indifferent.

What is the secret of the popularity and “longevity” of the Sakura Branch massage?

To experience all the delights of this procedure, you must visit the Etalon salon. It is here that the most professional masseuses work, who can easily find the key to your bliss. All erotic events are held in a separate room, where the guest can relax and tune in to the desired mood. The very popularity of the Sakura Branch massage is associated with a number of features:

  • Only beautiful masseuses. We employ the most beautiful and sexy girls in Moscow, who, with their external data, are able to seduce any man;
  • Pleasure without boundaries. You will get an exquisite, refined pleasure. The event affects the erogenous zones, as well as areas of the body responsible for blood flow;
  • Special atmosphere. Everything for a comfortable stay has been created in the Etalon salon: spacious beds, stylish interior, a bar with elite alcohol and enchanting smells that excite from the first minutes of your stay.

After you step over the threshold of the Etalon salon, you realize that you have entered the right place. You will be greeted by a friendly administrator who will do everything to saturate your holiday. Tell us about your desires and then, what seemed impossible yesterday, today will become available only for you.
Come to us today and sign up for the most sensual Sakura Branch massage. Believe me, every man dreams of experiencing such pleasure!