Sakura Branch massage – the embodiment of sensuality

2021.05.17 в 20:06
Картинка Sakura Branch massage – the embodiment of sensuality

Oriental art has always attracted with its mystery and the promise of an exotic character. The erotic massage “Sakura Branch” is one of the sophisticated techniques that were taught only to skilled geisha and imperial concubines.

The main goal of massage relaxation is to bring a man to a frenzy with light, like a flower petal, touches. The girl’s arsenal includes her flexible and smooth body, as well as weightless kisses. Passionate kissing and touching is prohibited in this program.

Technique of erotic massage “Sakura Branch”

Not every girl can master the art of Sakura Branch erotic massage. But those who have comprehended all the secrets of technology are already working in the best salon for men Etalon! Come to us at any time of the day and make sure of the veracity of everything that is said above. The pleasure itself stretches into several stages:

  • The preparatory one consists in the selection of massage oil with a refined aroma. Its scent is barely perceptible, but unlike other techniques, here she applies it not to the guest, but to her flawless body;
  • The man lies down with his back up, and a comfortable soft roller is placed under his head. It is important to get used to this position, and lie down as you are most comfortable in this position;
  • The relaxed and prepared body of a man is now able to feel the touch to the maximum;
  • The movements will be individual for each guest. “Sakura Branch” suggests that the masseuse should please the man so much during the session that he ascends to the peak of bliss;
  • At the end, the guest lies on his back. The languid movements are repeated for the chest, abdomen and groin area. You will feel incredible relaxation at the end of the session.

An unforgettable relaxation session only with us!

The Sakura Branch massage at Etalon salon allows men to plunge into the world of their sexual imaginations. Fantasies, spurred on by smooth touches and hot breaths of the ladies, make you take a fresh look at your intimate life. Every facet of pleasure is a physiological and spiritual discovery for every man. It is the psychological relaxation after the session that has a beneficial effect on business and interpersonal relationships, allowing you to feel the joy of life again. Come, beauties are looking forward to seeing you!