Charming masseuses of erotic massage

2020.12.21 в 18:10
Картинка Charming masseuses of erotic massage

Intimate massage is one of the best ways to get rid of stress, tightness and completely loosen up. For the stronger sex, this is an ideal way of spending leisure time, which allows you to completely free yourself from negativity and relax with the sexy masseuses of the Etalon erotic salon. Unlike traditional techniques, where the main goal is to heal the body, the task of an intimate massage is to excite the guest and give him the strongest relaxation.
Techniques for arousal can be different: performed by one or several girls, with elements of BDSM or not, with a body massage or a sakura twig. Erotic massage masseuses conduct sessions taking into account the needs and desires of the guest, so you will definitely get what you came to the Etalon salon for!

Basic movements

Despite the fact that the girls of the salon improvise and each time surprise the guests with their skill, there are still basic practices and techniques:

  • Stroking with warm palms, fingers and the whole body;
  • Erases with fists, palms and ribs of palms;
  • Light pinching and tapping;
  • Vibration, patting movements.

No matter how the classical part ends, at the finish the girl must fondle the man until the bright finale.

Secrets of correct technique

The masseuses of erotic massage in the Etalon salon are fluent in Eastern and Western practices and never forget about the main things:

-Speed. Erotic massage does not tolerate haste, so all movements are smooth with a gradual increase in pace;
-Pressure force. An excited guest will appreciate light touching with a gentle transition to stroking intimate areas;
-Continuity. It is forbidden to lose contact with the guest’s body, so every movement of the masseuse of erotic massage flows into the following.

All practice prices depend on the type of offer and its duration. Therefore, inform in advance about your desires and the time at which they will be fulfilled.

Release masculine energy

Don’t dwell solely on standard techniques. In the Etalon salon, you can order an exciting massage with your hands, body or lips. After all the frank caresses, you will leave the embrace of a sexy masseuse of erotic massage full of strength, energy and in a great mood. Come, we are waiting for you!