Couple rest, including female erotic massage

2023.03.16 в 16:45
Картинка Couple rest, including female erotic massage

To please your woman, it is enough to invite her to an erotic massage session. Just imagine: you are alone with your beloved enjoying the company of two beautiful young ladies who give you pleasure… Intrigued? Then sign up for one of the paired programs of the Etalon salon!

All our services are designed with love

The main purpose of erotic relaxation is complete relaxation and getting new emotions. And each of our programs is guaranteed to bring results! Let’s introduce you to them more closely:

  • Temptation is our basic offer, with which you can start your acquaintance with the salon. By the way, if your partner is jealous, this option will be perfect for you! The master will give the woman an erotic massage session, and you will act as an observer.
  • Seduction is a bolder one–and-a-half-hour program for those who like it tougher. It includes elements of BDSM, abuse and an unlimited amount of relaxation. The perfect vacation for lovers of experiments!
  • VIP PLATINUM is a godsend for couples who are not used to denying themselves anything. The session includes a lot of interesting things, and the feature of the program will be the stimulation of sex toys. During the process, you can practice mutual caresses, so that the rest will be filled with sensuality and passion.

How to persuade your woman to an erotic massage?

Some men are afraid to offer their significant other such an unusual vacation. But as practice shows, ladies often think about such leisure themselves! But it is important for them that the place where they will spend time is decent and cozy. To make your companion enchanted, invite her to Etalon. We have modern apartments in which it is pleasant for guests of any gender to relax. Well, if you want to learn more about the conditions of rest, just call us!