Body massage programs for men

2023.02.13 в 12:05
Картинка Body massage programs for men

Body massage is one of the most popular services among men. Do you want to enjoy high-quality relaxation in the company of professional craftsmen? Sign up for the Etalon salon and choose one of our offers!

What do we offer our guests?

We have several programs with Thai massage, one of which will definitely appeal to you! Let’s tell you more about them:

  • Express Basic” is a basic recreation option that any man will like. The session is designed for only 30 minutes, but even this time is enough for an unforgettable discharge.
  • Body Massage” is an hour–long program in classic colors, which is ideal for exploring the world of erotic practices. It also has a body massage, which men like so much, and a sensual Lingam massage.
  • Kama Sutra” is a bold service that will erase all boundaries. You will get pleasure as you have dreamed for a long time, and our girl will show you what real passion is!
  • Aqua Foam Relax” is a gentle program aimed primarily at comprehensive relaxation. Ideal for men who experience constant stress.
  • Goddess” is an ideal option for those who are used not only to receive, but also to give pleasure. As part of the session, you will have the opportunity to massage the master!
  • Sweet Fruit” is our VIP service, the chip of which will be an unforgettable prostate massage. Not everyone can afford such a bold vacation, but everyone who has visited it is ready to repeat this experience again and again!

Body massage is included in many programs for men

Representatives of the stronger sex appreciate this leisure very much, and therefore we try to include it in each of our proposals. Well, if you want to pick up a service with a certain plot or are looking for some specific sensations, call us! The administrator will advise you in detail on any issue and help you decide on a choice.