Standard programs

Changing styles and preferences, a person is inclined to return to something standard and familiar, to something that has been tested by time and many generations over the years. And this is absolutely the right choice: trusting the classics, you will never be disappointed in the quality. If you do not like experiments or want to find something new but proven for yourself, then feel free to choose for yourself the classic programs in the Etalon erotic salon, which will give you not only physical pleasure, but mental relaxation.

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The standard programs in the Etalon salon are aimed at improving the condition of the skin, well-being, metabolic processes and erectile function. Regular sessions of classic treatments can bring you back the joy of your sexual experience and stabilize your emotional state. Any of the programs you choose will consist of a classic and an erotic part, which will alternate smoothly. Many of the newbies believe that the first part is unnecessary, but this is absolutely not the case. It is she who prepares the body and allows him to understand that he will soon experience a very bright and violent excitement, which will result in an enchanting discharge.

Basic rules of standard programs

Classic procedures in the Etalon salon are performed by the most beautiful masseuses in Moscow, who strictly observe the following rules:

  • Before the start of the session, the masseuse will ask about the guest’s preferences in order to establish tactile contact in the process of interaction and deliver maximum satisfaction;
  • A masseuse is not just a performer, but also a wonderful companion, a master of her body. They always look perfect, but not vulgar, because it is worthy girls who know their worth who attract men;
  • If the guest is very tense or depressed, the masseuse uses all her skills so that each muscle reaches its own relaxation. Since each person is individual, the relaxation technique will differ;
  • Each session of the standard program begins with the classic part — this is the law;
  • The technique of the masseuse during the procedure will change taking into account the feelings of the guest;
  • All movements are performed in a strict sequence so that the man’s body does not lose its rhythm and reaches the strongest arousal;
  • Limb massage is an incredibly exciting technique, which is why our girls pay special attention to it in order to fully work out the guest.

Finding and activating erogenous points on a man’s body is the main task of a professional masseuse. Indeed, with proper stimulation of these zones, representatives of the stronger sex experience the entire spectrum of sensual pleasures.

Our girls

Classic caresses in the Etalon salon

Why look for dubious pleasures when you can safely go to the Etalon erotic salon and order a standard program that will definitely not disappoint you and reveal all the secrets of bliss ?! You can drop in to our charming craftswomen at any time of the day or night and start your erotic excursion with the “Touch to Beauty” or “Kamasutra” programs. We can say that these two programs will be the starting points for you into the incredible world of your innermost fantasies. Come!