VIP programs

VIP erotic massage is an immersion in a previously unknown world of pleasure together with charming masseuses who are endowed with emancipation, attractive appearance and seductive grace. Elite rest for men in Etalon salon is distinguished by a special atmosphere and uniqueness of erotic offers. Each session is aimed at increasing sexual arousal, activating sensitivity and opening new erogenous zones.

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VIP erotic massage is performed by half-naked girls who use the following techniques:

  • Rubbing and pressing on especially sensitive points on the body;
  • Search for erogenous zones and their stimulation to achieve maximum arousal;
  • Gentle and passionate stroking with hands, chest and whole body.

The purpose of such an event is to bring the guest to relaxation without sexual contact. During the session it is allowed to use “toys”, stimulating oils, lips and tongue.

Why choose VIP programs

Elite male massage implies exclusive erotic courage: role-playing games, dressing up, classics, explicit eroticism, imitation of oral sex, body massage, BDSM elements and much more, which will surely please true connoisseurs of pleasure. Moreover, the significant advantages include:

  • In the professional and gentle hands of attractive masseuses, a man finds harmony and sexual satisfaction;
  • Negative thoughts disappear and you experience incredible relaxation;
  • Massage and all its additional elements have a positive effect on men’s health;
  • You reveal your sexual potential to the maximum and make your intimate life brighter and richer.

Just one session will allow you to forever change the way you think about quality relaxation. Combining unique techniques with ancient knowledge will open up a new sensory experience for you.

Our girls

VIP erotic massage in the Etalon salon

Elite erotic massage is the brightest and most memorable programs for men. In the experienced hands of a sexual craftswoman, the process turns into an exquisite game that will not leave anyone indifferent. Sweet torture with pleasure lasts at least 60 minutes, which will allow you to feel every touch. Even with the maximum excitement, our craftswomen will not allow themselves to finish the process ahead of schedule. All the masseuses of the Etalon salon are fluent in various techniques, thanks to which they will give you the most unforgettable VIP erotic massage. Each girl has a perfect appearance and has her own style in giving pleasure to men. You can invite one, two or several beauties and arrange for yourself a vacation that every representative of the stronger sex dreams of. Come to us today and give yourself emotions that will take your breath away and life is filled with the brightest colors!