Erotic massage: the pleasure you dreamed of!

2021.03.22 в 14:12
Картинка Erotic massage: the pleasure you dreamed of!

Any marriage is built on mutual understanding and sexual attraction. When the desire of one of the spouses disappears, misunderstanding and jealousy appear in the other. Clarification of the relationship takes place with swearing and shouting. A session of joint erotic massage for couples in Moscow will help you get out of the everyday routine and establish sexual intercourse.
The procedure takes place in complete anonymity at the Etalon Spa. To sign up for a session, you must call the phone number indicated on our website in advance.

Preparing for the session

We prioritize the wishes and needs of our customers. Therefore, we give the opportunity to choose not only supplements for the program, but also the specialists who will perform the massage. You can see real photos of girls on our website.
An erotic massage session for couples in Moscow is a combination of classic massage techniques with an erotic manual effect on the genitals and erogenous zones. At the beginning of the procedure, the partners take water procedures in the shower. Guests can enjoy each other alone or relax with the masseuses. Aqua foam massage in the salon is an additional service, it should be included in the order in advance.

The benefits of massage techniques in the sexual life of partners

Erotic massage for couples in Moscow takes place in 3 stages:

• Classic warm-up of the whole body: massage and rubbing along the torso, foot massage, face and head massage;
• Erotic caresses: Thai body massage with a naked body of a skilled worker, passionate touching with a girl’s breast and belly;
• Stimulation: The arousal technique using aromatic oil will release you.
During the event, nude partners can not only enjoy the caresses of the craftswomen, but also watch each other’s reactions. Partners can finish from the magic touches of the craftswomen or alone with each other.

Erotic massage for couples in Moscow is a great opportunity to learn about the techniques that give your partner frantic bliss. The procedure will bring passion and variety to sexual relations, revive feelings, awaken attraction. Enjoy a relaxing massage for two and enjoy quality relaxation at Etalon Spa.