Erotic prostate massage

2022.08.14 в 11:51
Картинка Erotic prostate massage

A lot of men are doubtful about such a thing as erotic prostate massage. Anal caresses scare the representatives of the stronger sex, because they do not allow any manipulations with the anus. But, do you think there are reasons to refuse pleasure, based on the prejudices of society? And certainly there is no need to be afraid, if the trust in the masseuse is complete, then there is confidence that such a massage will definitely not disappoint you!

Prostate massage – useful, pleasant …

Erotic prostate massage is a great way to deal with prostatitis for men 40-50 years old. It is the prevention and treatment of impotence. The opinion of many experts is based on the fact that such a massage is very effective in maintaining men’s health and energy. And practice proves this: the vast majority of males who have agreed to the service at least once, not without pleasure, allow this type of massage in the future, and then resort to it more and more often.

Gentle stimulation with female fingers, offered by the erotic salon Etalon, cannot be compared with a medical procedure. There is no need to be afraid of the procedure in the cabin. Our beauties deliver a lot of pleasure, because they know exactly how to do erotic prostate massage.

How is everything going?

All men like erotic prostate massage from Etalon salon. Feelings are similar to female pleasure. As a result, the strongest orgasm comes, which is remembered for a long time. Here is how this massage for men is done:

  • First, the man is brought into a relaxed state. The girl kneads your back, buttocks and unobtrusively moves to the crotch;
  • Erotic prostate massage begins with stroking the buttocks;
  • A gentle female finger in a lubricant is inserted into the anus;
  • The masseuse waits until the man gets used to the sensations, and then gropes for a tubercle on the front wall;
  • The prostate is gently massaged, the reaction of the man is always taken into account;
  • The session ends with an enchanting orgasm.

Erotic prostate massage from the Etalon salon is just an unearthly feeling. If you wish, you can diversify the program using a strap-on. Also, as an additional scenario, you can choose a session with the Lady. Also offered in the Etalon salon are both classic and exotic massages around the clock. Come!