At what price can I get a prostate massage service?

2022.08.17 в 14:39
Картинка At what price can I get a prostate massage service?

What price should there be for prostate massage programs at all? After all, this is a rather specific offer. Not only the appearance of the master is important, but also her professional skills, as well as her approach to work. All this is combined in the Etalon girls! They will be able to please you with their skills, and they will also provide such a discharge that you have not even thought about before.

Are you ready for a little erotic adventure?

If you decide that you want to experiment with urological practices, we are ready to help you implement this idea. Our salon offers completely different options for this kind of vacation:

  • using additional toys;
  • classic performance with delicate fingers;
  • with elements of role-playing games.

Erotic prostate massage is valuable for its variety and, of course, the effect. What generally happens in the male body during and after urological practices?

  • The guest fully relaxes in a short period of time. You will forget about all the worries, and there will be only one thing on your mind – pleasure.
  • The new experience allows you to become more liberated. If you are experiencing difficulties or embarrassment in communicating with the opposite sex, massage will help to get rid of it.
  • Self-confidence is gained. If you are ready for such a bold vacation, you are ready for more global things in everyday life. Believe me, abandoning prejudices, a person lives much more freely. And it is on this that success depends!
  • A man gets incomparable pleasure. The impact on the main erogenous zone of the body from an experienced master gives not only new sensations, but also a flurry of emotions.

The price of the program with prostate massage in Etalon

Muladhara” is an exclusive offer of a salon with a urological massage service. It is designed for an hour and in addition to the mentioned technique includes imitation of poses, a shower in the arms of a girl, gentle touches to her and much more. And you can order it for 12,000 ₽! And its main advantage is that it is suitable for both avid lovers of such recreation and beginners. Make sure of this personally, sign up for a session with us!